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Joined: Wed Mar 7th, 2018
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Whenever I have the import or export dialog open, I am unable to switch to another app or window. If Sisulizer is in the middle of performing one of these functions, I am unable to do my regular job functions such as respond to messages, check the progress of another background task, copy-paste the export path that I need.

Is there any way to fix this? My colleague working on the same RDS environment does not seem to have this problem.

Part of the reason I want to multitask while Sisulizer's dialog is open is because, almost every time, after saving the project, Sisulizer becomes unresponsive for 1-2 minutes. Without being able to work on something else, I'm stuck staring at an unresponsive dialog and just waiting for it to start working again.

Please help, I am missing deadlines!


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There is nothing in Sisulizer making it blocking the system the way you describe.
Never heard about and had the effect unable to switch tasks if just some modal dialog is opened. Sisulizer`s dialogs are never opened sysmodal.

I wonder why you have such effect your colleque doesn`t see. Have you asked your RDS admin about that effect?


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