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10 years Sisulizer - Offers, Announcements and FAQs - Public information from the Sisulizer team - .NET, Delphi, ... - Sisulizer Localization Tool Support
 Posted: Wed Jul 20th, 2016 05:40 pm
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As a software developer new challenges awaits you every day. That's why you love your job and the variety that this entails. Windows, Visual Studio, and .NET, Delphi, Android, iOS, Java & Co are constantly improved to meet new market demands. This evolution level keep our Sisulizer developers busy so that, you as our clients, you can keep your localized projects up-to-date.

Here a some major benefits of updating to Sisulizer 4
- Support for the latest versions of all major platforms
- Support by our specialists in our support forum
- Improvements in permanent free minor updates that facilitate everyday work

As inexpensive as in our anniversary offer "10 years of Sisulizer" you could never get a complete software localization solution. And the update prices on version 4 are also real anniversary offers.

Our Update- and Upgrade-Calculator will create two offers for you. A pure update, plus a special update and upgrade combination; if you own Sisulizer 3 Professional, you will get an offer to update to Sisulizer 4 Professional plus an upgrade option to Sisulizer 4 Enterprise.

You will be surprised by our specials. Should our online calculator not provide the desired combination of licenses, please use our contact form and send us your current license key and your desired configuration. We will immediately send a customized proposal for your localization needs.

Sisulizer Build Server license
A common question relates to our Build Server license. A special feature of Sisulizer Enterprise is the command line tool SLMAKE.EXE. This CLI of Sisulizer can be used to generate localized projects unattended. The documentation for SLMAKE can be found on our blog “The Localization Tool”

Many of our customers use an extra computer that compiles the software at night. With our Build Server license you make localization part of this process. This makes Sisulizer Enterprise the favorite of large development teams. But even small companies can benefit from them. Also, you can now add a virtual employee to your team.

You already have a Sisulizer 4 Enterprise license in use?
Take this opportunity, and upgrade to the Sisulizer Enterprise plus Build Server Bundle, and save big. Please use our contact form and send us your license key. Keywords: Build-Server-Upgrade

Additional Licenses
Do you need additional licenses for new team members?
No problem!

Use the contact form and send your license key and upgrade request. For example, you have a Professional 4 license and need a second one. The price for this license is calculated as the difference between your existing license and the license requested. So you do not lose any investments and at the same time benefit from our anniversary offers.

You have Sisulizer 4 Professional (EUR 499 net)
You need 2 seats of Sisulizer 4 Professional (EUR 958 net)
Our offer for the second license: EUR 459 NET

Formal quote as PDF

If you need a formal quote, then please send your update and upgrade offer via the contact form request and mention that the offer must be in PDF.
To create a PDF offer, we need:
  • One of your current license keys
  • Full company address for the offer/invoice
  • End user name, and department
  • End user email address
  • Your company's VAT ID
We provide licenses for individual offers only on advance payment (PayPal, bank transfer to our German bank account) via ESD.
Do not hesitate and benefit from our anniversary prices when updating and upgrading.

____________________ - Three simple steps to localize
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